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        other colours

            We produce the food colour are widely used in other  specialfields such as Pet's Toys, textile industry,daily chemical industry, Pigment and so on. our products has superior product performance,best-selling throughout the country and overseas. my company to provide customized services, help you solve the problem of the use of the colorant technology on application of confusion and can allocate different color according to your product demand.
        Product Name Ponceau Ponceau 4R 60 Ponceau 4R 85 Bright Red Sunset Red Amaranth
        Product Name Yellow 60-3# Yellow 60-5# Yellow N60 -6# Yellow N60-7# Lemon Tartrazine 87
        Product Name Sunset Sunset Yellow 60 Sunset Yellow Orange Yellow Egg Yellow Orange Red
        Product Name Blue N60 Brilliant Blue N85 Black Brilliant Black Violet Erythrosine
        Product Name Light Green Apple Green Dark Green Brown Coco brown