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    food colour in feed industry

          Color is central to the culinary experience. Visual delight precedes taste, which is to say: food must first look good in order to invite consumption. Especially in food categories like eggs and meat, the vibrancy of color is an indication of quality and healthiness.     

          we produce the Food Colour series products are widely used in feed industry. It  has gone to the very root of the issue by creating animal feeds that help make animal products look as great as they taste. our products has superior product performance, best-selling throughout the country and overseas. my company to provide customized services, help you solve the problem of the use of the colorant technology on application of confusion and can allocate different color according to your product demand.
                    Feed  Food Colour S series            
    Product Name Red S60 Red  S85 Bright Red Sunset red Amaranth
    Product Name Yellow S60-3# Yellow S60-5# Yellow S60 -6# Yellow N60-7# Yellow N87
    Product Name  Orange S60 Orange S87 Orange yellow Egg yellow Orange red
    Product Name Blue S60 Blue S85 Black Brlliant black Violet
    Product Name Light green Apple green Dark green Brown Coco brown