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    About Us

    Company Introduction
           Tianjin Duofuyuan Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993 and is a comprehensive company integrating R&D, production, application research and marketing. The main product “Tianfuyuan” brand food colour edible synthetic pigments sold well in China and sold overseas.               
          Company main product brand "tianfuyuan" products have been selling the most of city 、municipalities and autonomous regions and exported to overseas, product quality and the advanced international standards.
           The product is apply in food, beverage, medicine,makeup,Daily chemical,coating industries, feed industries.
           We have different independent production lines at the same time eliminates the cross-contamination of pigments.All production lines adopt advanced technology and equipment suitable for the production  specifications, and pay attention to the quality standards of food pigments in line with international standards. The quality of edible synthetic pigments not only meets China's national standards, but also meets the standards of the US FCC and Japan and the European Community.
           We have advanced and complete environmental protection facilities ensure the clean production of the factory.We have advanced testing equipment and methods ensure the stability of product quality.
           Our company will continue to provide high quality products and satisfactory service to customers with its quality first, customer supreme, and thoughtful service.